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Things we care

Our ideas of new developments always come from life circumstances.
It is always on our minds that a comfortable life must be supported by
our irreplaceable earth, therefore we try to provide the best conscious life-solutions.
We always need to consider the sustainable development
when creating and producing new products.

It is our responsibility

What we are working on

Now, we are in a challenging moment for producing.
Wood, plastic and metal, all of them are important resources of the earth.
Therefore, we need to use them carefully and effectively.
For this purpose, we have to make all possible efforts to help protecting the global environment - from the selection of the material used and the process of the production to the final disposal action.

Helping earth on achieving sustainable development is our mission.

Five Elements

We put our hearts in keep providing long lasting products to our consumers,
which will be always loved by them. However, it is also important try to give fewer burdens during the disposal process - when the products finish their duty.
For the products that can not be recycled,
We try to create items that give less damage to the earth.

Our Policy

● Our top priority is to save natural resources and provide products considering the environment.
● Take positively the materials and systems that help protecting the environment.
● Strictly follow all the control regulations for the improvement of the environmental preservation.
● Keep all employees conscious about the importance of the environment providing the right knowledge.
● Spontaneously participate in environmental conservation activities as responsible members of our society.